Marine & Quality Consultancy

Our goal is to provide the highest quality service for our clients. Our business models are long term and environmentally responsible with a focus on operational excellence and safety.

Setting up the Maritime Office

Take Over of Vessel and Registration

Human Resource for Office

Maritime Research

ISO Certification

Representation before Administration

SMS Support & Documentation & Certification

Statutory Certification Assistance

Maritime Projects Monitoring

Legal Services

We have specialized teams and associates to handle the various matters of

Ship Arrest

Cargo Claims and Advisory

Marine Insurance and P & I

Arbitration & Commercial Litigation

POSH Implementation

Intellectual Property Rights

Human Resource compliances

Banking, Finance & Capital Markets

Corporate, Commercial/ M&A

Real Estate

We provide services for legal protection for seafarers and their family even when a seafarer is sailing.

Seafarers Taxation

Compensation for seafarer

Employment Issues

Any other legal matters of seaman or his family

Maritime Surveys & Audits

We undertake a wide range of surveys, inspections and audits in all parts of the world on behalf of many different industry interests. Clients include vessel owners and managers, charterers, brokers, banks and insurance parties. Assets assessed cover a wide variety of type, size and complexity.

Office / Audits / Reviews

Ship Audits

Vetting & Risk Management

Accident Investigation

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Cargo Surveys

Port Captain


We are committed to providing management services to ensure continuous improvement. We, therefore, promote training, commitment, career development for competent, qualified and aspiring people. We have a strategic alliance to make a good team for providing training in

Behaviour-based safety

Soft Skills

Crisis Media Management

Emergency Preparedness & Evacuation

Conducting Emergency Drills

Waste Management

Medical first aider/Attendant

Other Tailor Made training as per need

Ship Recycling Consultancy

We are providing Consultancy services to improve the Ship Recycling process by implementing quality systems. We have experts and associates to ensure stringent safety, quality and environmental protection are followed as a practice. We ensure legal compliances at all times.

Third-party Supervision of the Recycling process and report to the Owners for compliance of Green Ship Recycling.

Consultant to the owner for developing HKC compliant plots in Alang.

Arranging training program for HAZMAT Expert.

Developing Inventory of Hazardous Material for Ships (IHM).

Sale and Purchase of vessel

Single Voyage coordination and monitoring

Inventory of Hazardous Materials

Based on the documentation provided by Owners in form of IHM (Inventory of Hazardous Materials - IHM) part I (Structure & Equipment), part II (operational hazardous waste) and part III (hazardous materials in stores) a Ship Recycling Plan (SRP) is to be developed by the Ship Recycling Facility (SRF) so that the Vessel can be recycled in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Media Management

Our job is to protect your reputation – before, during and even after a crisis. We provide balanced, impartial and practical media response strategies to minimize the risk involved in incident response.

We covers the following maritime industries:





Oil Spill Control

We offers a full range of services related to the oil spill response industry.

Emergency Response Planning

Emergency Preparedness Training

Emergency Preparedness Exercises

Response Assistance